Driving Range 2.0

All golfers visit the driving range. Some do it more frequently than others. We are confident that we can make everybody want to swing by their local range a lot more often. Why? It's simple really. Protracer Range makes it more fun. Protracer’s unique features are revolutionizing the range experience by allowing customers to get instant data, play games, have their name on leaderboards on the range or challenge a friend.

Cutting Edge Technology

You might recognize Protracer from TV broadcasts of professional golf events from around the world. Protracer Range uses the same proprietary tracking technology, with advanced sensors and software, making it possible to accurately capture all shots hit on a driving range. The customer can view the shot on a mounted touchscreen next to the bay or in their own iOS or Android device.

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Existing Targets

A unique feature with Protracer Range is that it is equipped with all existing targets on the specific driving range you are visiting. This means golfers will be able to aim at an actual target and receive accurate measurements of how close the shot landed. Also, this provides for great gaming opportunities that will keep golfer’s wanting to hit that extra bucket of balls every time.

Full Coverage

As one single Protracer Range system can cover up to 20 bays in two levels, you don’t need to add costly and bulky hardware at each bay. This also provides you with a cost effective solution to offer all customers the option to get instant shot data and enjoy entertaining virtual games.

Track and Analyze

A great benefit for driving range facilities are the sales tracking tools offered with a Protracer Range system. As each single shot is registered you gain access to reports showing usage over time. It measures how many returning and new users are at your facility and you can even see which bays are most popular. Not sure exactly which days of the week and what time of day your facility is in highest demand? With Protracer Range you won’t have to guess any more.

Virtual Golf

Protracer Range has joined forces with leading golf and sports graphics company SimWay to revolutionize the concept of playing a round of golf. Long gone are the countless hours at the course and miles of walking. Players now have the opportunity to play 9, 12, 18 or more holes on world renowned courses from their favorite bay at their local driving range.

This virtual golf experience will prove to be the most realistic you have ever tried. Your shot on the range will appear in a rendered virtual environment of the course you have selected, allowing shot after shot to be tracked and recorded as if you were right on the course. Since you also see the shot trajectory in real life there is never any uncertainty whether your shot was accurately captured. The game runs on a Windows based tablet that can be connected to a TV screen for big picture viewing, and screenshots can be taken to preserve your win. Shots must fly 30 meters in the air in order for them to be registered in the system, and any shot within this distance of the hole will be treated as a gimmie.

This unique experience allows up to four people to play on the same bay, making the range experience more social than ever. With friends and family sharing a bay previously used by one customer, an entirely new potential revenue stream is unlocked.

Protracer Range Kiosks

Personalized kiosks, standard with a Protracer Range system, are located in each bay and allow for instant feedback. Players will not only love the gratification of seeing their shot and its stats on the kiosk screen, but the simplicity of the system makes it possible for any player to benefit from Protracer Range’s features. Since the Protracer system itself is discrete, the kiosks are a source of promotion. Customers will be intrigued at the concept of adding a new element to their range experience, and once players start using the system, they will be hooked.

Widescreen TV Leaderboards

Golf is a competitive and social sport. However, the regular driving range is a one man show. Protracer introduces a new element to the range experience by adding leaderboards. With leaderboards customers are in competition with all other players at the range. Scores for closest to pin or longest drive are on display for all to see. The satisfaction and recognition of having the leading score on the range creates interaction among players. Customers will stay longer, hit more golf balls, and have more fun than ever before.

Reselling partner

Range Servant has been a world leader in driving range equipment since delivering their first golf ball dispenser in 1982. Since then, Range Servant has worked tirelessly to provide a full range of golf equipment that suits the needs of any golf driving range. Today Range Servant is a reseller of Protracer Range in Europe and the United States. For more information, visit www.rangeservant.com.