With the release of Protracer Range 3.0, Protracer has a new look and more possibilities than ever to take your facility to the next level. You will also see exactly how far your shot traveled and what your clubhead speed was. Even better, you can see all existing targets on the driving range in the devise so you will know exactly how close your ball landed to the target at which you aimed.

Launch Monitor

Training mode to hone your skills with targets on the range. Offers data such as distance (carry and total), ball speed, launch angle, height, side deviation, landing angle, hang time and distance to target.

Points Game

Challenge yourself or friends to a points game based on distance from targets. ‘In air bonus rings’ add an additional element of competition.

Long Drive Mode

Settle who hits furthest as the driving range turns into a proper long drive grid. The game supports up to eight players.

Virtual Golf Mode

This virtual golf experience allows up to 8 people to play 18 holes of golf from the driving range, on world renowned courses. Try your skills with stroke play, match play and scramble. Additionally, our short game solution allows players to complete their rounds without guessing.

Leader boards

Track how you compare to others at the range in terms of closest to pin and longest drive.

Bay Management System

Monitor and control your Protracer Range system to fit your needs. Schedule times for use of the bays, control the devises, create and modify leaderboards, and much more.

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